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Spice Girl

How this could happen, I just don’t know. With all of the excitement about my kick ass care package, I missed one of the all time most important kick ass presents. I saw what I assumed to be a roll of fancy cookies – given the mass of gummy bears and sweets, my mind could go nowhere else – and set them aside for a moment of weakness. I figured I’d open them when I could commit to eating all of them, or at least after Kate came back to help.

Well, how could I have not known? How did I not see the signs?! What was not in fact a roll of fancy cookies, was instead a collection of the fanciest, most delicious spice blends a girl without her kitchen could ask for!

Lisa and her dear, sweet hamantashen Lior sent a trio of his La Boîte à Epice spices:

Bombay: A blend of turmeric, clove and fenugreek for my stews, fish or really anything.

Pierre Poivre: A seven pepper blend that has “steak” written all over it.

Cataluna: A mix of pimenton and smoked cinnamon that I’m probably most excited about. I might wear it to work.

Anyway, I’m super excited about this little dose of happy. A girl without her spices is a sad thing. Thanks friends.

P.S. Can you see how excited Kojak is about this too?


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