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Would You Like To Come For Supper?

Yesterday was the second time a colleague of mine invited Jaime and I over to their home for dinner. We haven’t obliged just yet as things are quite busy, but we intend to. There is something about being invited into someone’s home. It’s their safe place – their routine – and they want you to be a part of it. It’s pretty awesome.

We’re very accustomed to meeting new people out at a restaurant or bar, so this will be entirely new. And I just don’t know what to expect.

Is it weird that I imagine a woman of the 50s with a red-checkered apron working in a yellow kitchen? Have I just watched too much TV? It’s also a bit unnerving – like, what if we just don’t jive – or what if they’re really weird – or what if the food is inedible. I suppose I should look at it as a win-win – provided we survive – we would a) walk away with new friends or b) walk away with a killer story.


Catcalling Across Coasts

Catcalling in Brooklyn

(while lugging 3 bags of laundry on a Saturday)

“Hi baby – doing laundry? Want some help? I’ll fold your clothes. Have a good day, beautiful”


Catcalling in Portland

(during a morning run at 8:17 a.m.)

“Oooh baby – look at you! You’re looking good!”  *softer  “Be careful, okay?”

About this sound fingerless wolf whistle

You can borrow my car

As you might imagine, there is a considerable difference between the work environment and quality of life here and in the big apple.

Big Apple

“What are your plans this weekend?”

“Laundry! Oh and I might meet some friends for a liquid brunch. I’ll probably be working most of it, though.”

“Yeah, me to, sans the liquid brunch.”

“uh huh.” *continues typing


Here (God’s honest truth)

“What are your plans this weekend?”

“Well – I heard Saturday was going to be sunny, so I think I’d like to do something outdoors, maybe a good hike.”

“You know we’re closed on Friday, right?”

“Oh yeah?”

“Monday too.”


“You should go to the coast – or go skiing.”

“Oh yes, we talked about doing that.”

“Yeah, you should. I’m taking a weekend trip with my family, you can borrow my car if you’d like. It’s a stick.”

“Oh, I can’t drive stick, so I don’t think you would want me to borrow your car.”

“Yeah, no I don’t think that would be good.”

“You’re so nice to offer. Thank you.”



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