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Sugar cubes in a salt shaker

Okay, so I am really excited about this – so please don’t roll your eyes.

We need sugar for our coffee, so that was at the top of our grocery list; (just below Coffee, Haribo gummies and Lactaid).We decided not to get a full box/bag of sugar because there was no way we could go through all of it before we left. We also decided against sugar packets because that’s bad for the environment. So we got the cubes. The cubes worked out pretty well for us until today – when I needed to make cinnamon sugar for some english muffins.

I had a shaker full of cinnamon, a box of sugar cubes and an empty salt shaker. This is what I did

I used a tablespoon to grind the cube down to crystal form. I mixed the cinnamon in (just a dash or two). I used the spoon to pour the mixture into the salt shaker and Voila! I had cinnamon sugar for today’s breakfast and perhaps tomorrow.

Pretty smart and resourceful, eh?



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