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Hanukkah Harry Comes Early to Portland

Somehow, and for reasons far beyond me (unless it was the doughnuts), I received the most incredible package in the mail today. By the looks of it, my first thought was Mom sent me a care package of cooking gadgets, spices from Marshall’s Home Goods, Sunday comics and grocery coupons. Wrong was I.

Some of my dear friends (along with a few shady people, no doubt) sent me love and other things all the way across the middle states, of which half I can name. What an unbelievable surprise to open a mystery box full of goodies.

The Contents:

  • Gummy Bears – Aliya? Everyone?
  • Gorgeous Brooklyn mugs from Fishs Eddy, my favorite place ever – Juls, I know this was you
  • A Judith peep – no idea who that’s from… it’s AWESOME. How long can I keep it before it lays an egg?
  • More peeps…mmmm peeeppppssss.
  • Gummy Bears
  • Gabe in a cheetah dress…. again
  • Totally tubular sweets. Yes, I said tubular.
  • White Plains train schedule – I love this, but heaven help me if I need it again. ::shudder::
  • Clippers. ahem.
  • Smucker’s orange marmalade. I’m gonna say it. It’s the jam.
  • Cascade dishwasher detergent – someone has been reading this blog. we thank you.
  • Peacock toothpick thing from my desk, formerly the property of Kenneth, obviously
  • Gummy Bears.
  • Audra’s note on the back of the envelope.

Now, I don’t know how to begin sending love and thanks back, but I must say I would’ve expected it in a Gilt box for sure. I suppose Crate & Barrel will do.

I organized a photoshoot of this momentous occasion with almost zero budget and two furry, not helpful assistants. Enjoy:

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Love you guys!!

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