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This photo requires context

When we moved in, we discovered a sun-bleached pair of boxers on the roof. How they got there – we don’t know. But – they have remained – sunrise to sunset – rain and shine and some potential hail – for going on eight weeks.

In addition, during our second week in town and after 4 full days of rain, we discovered our gutters were clogged. We requested that be addressed – but it was not.

Segue to last night

Jaime and I were walking up to the house when we heard an odd creaking sound. Looking up, we discovered that a branch from the giant tree out front was digging into the roof. This made us frown.

We entered the house and carried on with our responsibilities – feeding the pets, doing the laundry and hanging a curtain rod in the guest bedroom so we could stop accidentally flashing the neighbors every single day. Once that was complete, I can’t remember how, but we decided that we would cut that branch digging into the roof. Well – not we – Jaime – I’m too clumsy and would surely fall into the shrubs below.

“I’m not letting you go out there without a rope tied around your waist.”

“We can use the extension cord”


Jaime went downstairs to get her clippers and I prepared the bright orange, three-pronged, belay.

Jaime returned and I fastened the belay around her waist and around myself. If she was going down – I was going with her.

I gave her sufficient lead and out she went.

“Don’t dilly-dally”

She got down on her knees, leaned over and began to cut the branches

“Not too close”

She cut more branches. Then moved to the gutter

“Oh don’t clean the gutter. You should have gloves on.”

She cleaned the gutters – tossing the needles and dirt onto the sidewalk below. “We’ll need to sweep” she said, assuring the neighbors who were most likely witnessing the nonsense.

“You’re too close to the edge”

She continued

“Be careful. That’s enough”

She did the lobster walk backwards and hoisted herself to her feet. She smiled at me.

“Okay come in”

She eyed the boxers. “I should pick those up.” She picks them up with the very edge nail of her pointer and thumb.

“Hand them to me – I’ll throw them out.”

She moves to the edge

“Hand them to me. Oh – be careful. No – don’t throw them off the roof.”

She throws them off the roof – attempting to get them into the basket for Yard Waste. “Ugh! Just missed it. We’ll have to sweep.”


Malm Mirror Nightstand Storage Thingy

In short, Kate needed a nightstand, and I needed a project.


10 Ikea Malm black-brown mirrors, straight joiners, L brackets, tiny screws, two hinges


I had a bunch of old Malm mirrors lying around and figured it was time to do something with them (read: I’m sick of making Swiss cheese out of the walls trying to line them all up grid-style; and I needed another nightstand, and I didn’t want to buy wood). So, for a first go at building anything from scratch and without plans, I set out to use what I had on hand (minus the 4 trips to the hardware store for screws, joiners, etc.)

First, I sorted my mirrors to use the nicest ones towards the top, and the scratched one on the bottom. I used the straight joiners to attach two mirrors vertically. This I did four times (two joiners for each mirror). This created four tall rectangular boards. Then, I attached a mirror to the bottom, centered so it would be inset, using the L brackets. After that, I used the hinges to attach the top mirror to create an top-opening lid. I thought it would be nice to have a bit of storage for an extra blanket, etc. I bailed on adding a knob/handle since the lid sticks over enough to open easily. I’m considering adding some sort of embellishment… any ideas? I’ve considered adding feet. Open to ideas.

Anyway, voila. Nightstand!

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