The restroom on the ferry to Santorini


A lot happened today.

We’ll start with the most fantastic sunrise. We both slept nervous the night prior…fretting that we would oversleep and miss the boat. Literally. We woke just a few minutes before the sun stretched it’s coral red beams out from Spinalonga.

Jaime ordered coffee sans bread. They brought coffee with 4 mini chocolate chip cookies. I saved those for the boat ride.

Our taxi driver was a nice man…57 and eager to get his pension so that he may have more time to enjoy his garden. He took us up through the winding backroads at 85 mph. He too drove a Mercedes.  The views were spectacular…we saw goats and sheep and even some grapes. He explained to Jaime how much he loved to garden. Jaime bragged about her cucumbers and he told her to try them with some salt and a drink of liquor I could not pronounce. He explained that with the right crops and animals, you could survive just fine. And then I realized… there were no supermarkets or targets/walmarts. Life is so simple here and people are happy.

We got to the ferry 45 min early, which gave us ample time to get our tickets, find our seats, use the restroom and fight with a lady (very rude ) over our seat. I won the fight. Jaime was in the bathroom. The woman’s husband convinced her she wasn’t reading her ticket correctly. She did not apologize.

In the final stretch of the ferry ride – when the wake was at it’s highest and we had been airborne about twice, I decided that I really needed to use the restroom. I expressed my love to Jaime, grabbed the metal handle and hoisted myself into the pinball machine. There was a handle on every other row, so I recalled my learnings from gym class with Mr Kensy and flung myself from row to row as if I were on vertical monkey bars. This was amusing to both myself and other passengers until I hit the peukers in the back. I held my breath, put my hands to my sides and cried “WC?” to the man behind the stale doughnut counter. He pointed to a metal wall draped with sick passengers. I frowned and flung myself in that direction.

The door was a push which is just dumb. I understand the safety rationale, but when you’re on a ferry in 5′ waves… well – you turn the handle, fly in, bash against an occupied stall door and then bash in the other direction into the sink counter only to get your shorts wet with what you pray is water.

I entered the stall. The seat was up. There was a “brace-yourself bar” on the right. There was pee on the floor. What happened next can only be reenacted… but I am sure all of the angels and saints in heaven laughed their asses off.

I made it out clean and safe, ping-ponged my way past the peukers and into my seat. Jaime was laughing when I returned – I suspect she had been laughing the entire time.

We arrived to our hotel around 1. We will tell you about it – and of our trip to Fira – tomorrow.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Even without photos or video, your graphic description paints quite a picture for us standing on solid ground! You have a gift and you are using it for all of us to enjoy.

    Happy Birthday Kate!!!
    Mom and Dad


  2. Posted by Mama Bear on September 5, 2011 at 8:26 am

    LOL! What a story!
    You’ll never forget that ferry ride or the “water closet”.
    Glad you stayed clean and dry!!
    (Thanks to Mr. Kensy–right?)

    Hope you having a fantastic birthday, Katie.
    We love you.


  3. Posted by Laurie on September 5, 2011 at 8:32 am

    Thanks for all of the updates, pictures, and stories! Happy Birthday old lady 😉 Must be neat to celebrate the day of your birth in such a beautiful place. You deserve it! We’re so glad you guys are having such a great time! Love you both!

    Laurie & Daysha


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