Spinalonga and the hanging drawers











I was woken around 8:30 to the glorious sunlight bursting into the room. Jaime had ordered us breakfast which would be arriving in moments. I covered my face in blankets and waited until she called for me outside.

Breakfast was amazing – delicious coffee with fresh creme, fresh fruit, warm pastries and enough bread of four varieties to feed our entire floor.

We ate outside and gazed out to Spinalonga Island cradled in the gulf of Elounda. We would visit there in just over one hour.

We took a 29 Euro half mile speedboat ride to Spinalonga. The water was so crystal clear ice blue that I longed to jump off and swim. The gentleman docked us and we hopped on to the island which to our dismay was oozing with tourists waiting for their guide to start. We got our tickets and rushed past them and up. We went all the way to the top where the wind yanked our clothes nearly off. The views were incredible. Every angle was a photo opp. The island itself is peaceful, but sad. This was a refuge for people with leprosy. We could not imagine how they must have felt… under the hot sun with no coverage – surrounded by salt water. There are remains of their small town, what’s left of homes, probably a post office, wood burning stoves and before that, an ancient Venetian fortress. We have a perfect view of the whole island from our fancy private terrace and pool. We spent over an hour climbing around the stones and through tunnels.  Would you believe wild onions were growing in the desert-like sand and gravel. It made me miss my garden. I thought of how I might prepare them then. though picking onions from leprosy island might not be the best idea.

Zeus and homer gave us a lift to Plaka, a tiny old fishing town near the resort. Since all the men here look like greek gods or part of some epic- not to mention one of course had a tattoo of posseidon – I named them as such. Plaka was about a minute big. You could see all of it and the walk back would take more time. But it was charming. Little shops and fish restaurants haggling you to eat there. Zeus recommended giorgios so we went there. Kate tried to order the sword fish but the waiter said “you don’t want. It’s frozen. You have Dorado. Fresh today.” We both got the Dorado. A whole fish a piece that was cleaned by a sailer who travelled the seas of the whole world. It came with potatoes and zucchini. It was the best meal we’ve had in so long. The most simply spectacular grilled fish ever. We ate everything while sitting on the water overlooking our newly conquered island and the boats that catches our meal. Kate mistakenly shared with a tiny stray kitty who then wouldn’t leave her side.  It was perfect. Sometimes you have to trust the source. We thanked them and complimented the chef who sent us a plate of watermelon in gratitude. We’ve had more desserts on the house this week then I can count. I don’t know if it’s because they want to feed us or if they’re just not used to such gracious american tourists. Probably the latter. The rest of the day was spent poolside, had a midday ice cream because we could and dinner at the italian restaurant at the resort. Did we mention they sent champagne and nibbles to the room? We still haven’t fished the fruit bowl and ouzo from yesterday. Though, we didn’t touch the ouzo. Ick.  Licorice.

Tomorrow is already here. Im thinking beach and spa day. Maybe another Dorado. 

Wait! Jaime forgot the funny story! So I did some wash…underwear and some tanks…and lain it outside to dry. When we were walking back from lunch, the wind picked up and I worried it may all be in the neighbors pool. It was not. Instead it was strewn all about the outdoor furniture like Christmas decorations. Apparently the cleaning staff wanted to ensure it was dry by our return. Emotion = mortified.

More soon!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mama Bear on September 2, 2011 at 5:10 am

    Sounds amazing!
    Beautiful photos!

    That kitty was adorable.
    (We chuckled at how Katie shared fish with a kitty!)

    Hope you got the undies picture!
    That is hilarious!
    God bless them for being so thoughtful!


  2. Posted by Erin on September 2, 2011 at 9:38 am

    We met some kitties on our trip too! You girls look like you’re eating your way through Greece, as you should be! Enjoy! XOXOXO


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